Burnside Delight – lille boutique

I had an unexpected afternoon off from work, and decided to check out lille boutique on lower Burnside. The weather here varies this time of year from sunny (but not very warm) to chilly and rainy. It’s too cold to go barelegged when I wear a skirt but I’m sick of black tights, so I decided to look for cream or beige tights.

The lower Burnside area has some wonderful little shops that I’d love to spend more time in – Bombshell Vintage, Modo, and Hippo Hardware all looked intriguing. It was odd that a number of the stores weren’t open when I walked down Burnside but that meant I had more time to explore lille.

lille boutique

This was my first visit and I’m so glad I took the time to stop by. The store is well lit and decorated with wonderful antiques including two great old sofas to rest on, beautiful vintage compacts, pretty old chairs in the fitting room, and silk taps pants from the 1930s. The adorable little animal prints on the wall made me smile.

The salesclerk was helpful and friendly but not at all pushy. She didn’t follow me around but she was ready to assist when I had a question or needed a different size.

My mission was a pair of tights – they had a small, interesting selection of nice quality tights and stockings. I found two pairs of cream colored Capezio crocheted tights with different weaves. They’re strong, cute, work appropriate, and weren’t atrociously expensive. They also sell hosiery by Wolford, Look from London, and Gerbe.

I was enchanted by the pretty lingerie – silks, beautiful lace, and lovely colors, including a bright orange set I tried on. It was beautiful and flattering…but not within my budget. But I did find a new brand (to me), Eberjey – comfortable, flattering, practical and affordable. The store has a nice range from Stella McCartney and Hanro to Eberjey. They also have a great sale rack that the salesclerk pointed out to me.

They have shoes including Remix Vintage and Chie Mihara. Beautiful, but not my focus this day. They also sell some amazing scented candles – not the stinky ones that overwhelm your nostrils but a gentler fragrance that actually doesn’t fill up the store. The lavender one was lovely.

I really enjoyed my experience here – it’s so nice to shop locally and get friendly, personal attention. The shop’s feminine charm completely drew me in. It’s the antithesis of Victoria’s Secret – an inviting feminine space with quality lingerie and great service. Go and support our local economy!

lille boutique
1007 E Burnside
Portland, OR

They also have a store downtown:
lille trousseau
1124 SW Alder
Portland, OR


Beautiful Hosiery

It’s chilly here in Portland 9 months out of the year so I wear tights to keep warm. Not only do they keep me warm but they’re a fun accessory. I wear thick woolen tights on rare very cold days but otherwise I like wearing patterned or textured or colorful tights.

I’d never thought much about what kind of stockings or legwear women in the early 1900s wore until I was browsing the New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery.  The four advertisements below show stockings in a surprising variety of colors and designs, including two slightly naughty French pairs with images of snakes curled around the ankle. I wonder if my great-grandmothers wore lovely tights like this? Fun to ponder!