Portuga 2007 White Wine

I have been interested in figuring out what kinds of wines I like, and what to buy. I just finished reading Robin Goldstein’s book The Wine Trials and wonder just how much I like a wine because of its price or label. Goldstein goes to great lengths to discuss how our enjoyment of wine is directly related to the price. I won’t spoil the book here, but he backs up his claims with research, both his own and that of others.

Portuga 2007 White Wine

Portuga 2007 White Wine

Wine name: Portuga 2007 White Wine

Origin: Portugal (Estremadura)

Cost: $8.75

Grapes: Arinto, Fermao Pires, and Vital (from label)

My thoughts: I liked the wine and think it would be best on a warm day. It smelled faintly of grass. It had no oaky smell at all, or cat pee smell, or other weird smells some white wines have. The taste was good, but not strong at all. It had a very short finish. I might buy this again.


What inspired this blog?

I really like the idea of creating and maintaining a blog but I couldn’t quite decide what to write about, or why. Who would my audience be? Why would they stop by and read what I had to say? Did I want it to be work related? Was there a way to blend together my favorite hobbies – food, wine, books, and travel?

I recently read Robin Goldstein’s book, The Wine Trials, and have been inspired to taste a wider variety of wines than my usual three buck chuck from Trader Joes. I decided to buy and taste new wines, and write my thoughts about each bottle. Lots of my friends enjoy inexpensive wine, so they’d be a good starting audience for a blog.

I don’t know how long I can actually blog about wine. I can only drink (and afford) so many bottles or boxes in month, so in other posts, I’ll write about other things. As I envision the blog now, I hope to write about books that inspire me to eat, drink, travel, or read.

Inspiration: The Wine Trials