Highgate Cemetery, London

It’s been some time since I last posted cemetery photos but the cool weather reminded me of our trip to London in the spring. We spent a few hours at Highgate Cemetery, which was surprisingly empty. Doesn’t everyone visit cemeteries on vacation? It was lush and green with lots of wild vegetation throughout the cemetery. I found it peaceful, as I always do at cemeteries.

Remnants of a life

So green...

Blue flowers and decaying headstone

Todd in front of Karl Marx's grave

Spanish Republican - idealist, optimist

A famous mycologist?

And still more greenery....


Not Your Usual Pub Scene

Pub Scene by susieredshoes
Pub Scene, a photo by susieredshoes on Flickr.

This is one of my favorite photographs. My sweetie and I stopped at a pub for a beer in London. The combination of the reflection of the beer on the glass table top and the afternoon light showing through the lace curtains lead to a really neat composition. I don’t recall what kind of ale it was, but I do recall it was good.Via Flickr:© 2010 Sue Mecklem