Photographer Robert Doisneau

Robert Doisneau is one of my favorite photographers, along with Eugène Atget, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Dorothea Lange. I prefer black and white photography, and really appreciate photographers who can capture the history and feeling of a place. Mr. Doisneau’s street photography highlights the simple pleasures in life- a kiss, a dance, a smile.

My sweetie gave me a copy of the book Doisneau Paris, by Brigitte Ollier for Christmas. What a fabulous surprise it was! It’s a lovely coffee table book with nearly 600 photographs by Doisneau. It makes me want to take out the old Pentax-K1000 and shoot some black and white photos. Of course, it also makes me want to go to Paris.


Les bouchers mélomanes, La Villette, 1953

Jacqueline Delubac au balcon, Paris, 1951

Concierge aux lunettes, 1945

I downloaded these images from the Atelier Robert Doisneau website, which has an outstanding portfolio of his lesser known works. EuropeUpClose has an interesting post about Mr. Doisneau that includes some biographical information.


My Challenge To Pack Light for a 10 Day Trip

We’re going on a trip later this summer and I’ve challenged myself to pack very lightly. I have a Baggalini Doctor Bagg I hope to fit most of my stuff in, and will also carry a small over the shoulder purse. I usually carry a backpack but I injured my left arm and can’t hoist it on my back at the moment.

We’re going to Italy, so it’ll be fairly warm but it may rain in the afternoons. We walk a lot on our trips, miles each day, so comfortable shoes are a must. I don’t want to look too obviously American so I’m won’t be bringing my white sneakers. Here are my basics:

Black Adidas slim lace-up shoes – comfortable and not too American looking
Red Dansko shoes – comfortable, well broken in, and cute

Orange scarf and red scarf
Trouser jeans – for the plane ride and when it’s chilly
Long sleeved black cotton sweater
Beige leather jacket
Modal tee shirts – orange, fuschia, black and white striped, beige
White washable silk skirt – lightweight, dries quickly, bringing a Tide stain stick just in case.
Black knit empire waist travel dress

And that’s it. Yikes! I keep thinking I should add either black capri pants or a pretty sundress, but I really want to challenge myself. We’ll have to do laundry a couple of times, and having to shop for clothes in Italy isn’t such a bad chore.

For more ideas on packing light, see Terri Fogarty’s article on her website, EuropeUpClose. She has lots of great European travel information too, including city guides and wonderful photos. I also like Rick Steve’s webpage on packing light.