Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc

Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance. – Benjamin Franklin

The label on this wine completely seduced me.  I love the name of the wine, Lazy Bones, since lazing is one of my favorite activities. I was intrigued.  (I know full well a pretty/clever/artistic label does not mean a wine has any merit, but I appreciate a funny name and a pretty label.) The illustration shows the outline of a nude woman lounging. What a life! An end of the day glass of wine relaxes me and makes the transition from work to the comfort of home more  pleasant. And who wouldn’t want to lounge around all day drinking wine?

When I held this glass up to the light, it was a deep ruby red. The aroma was of prunes and earth, so I knew it’d be more Old World than the less earthy New World kinds of wine. I made the mistake of taking a sip only minutes after I opened it – I got a mouth full of tannin and my tongue felt very fuzzy though the actual taste was good. The magic that comes from letting wine be exposed to air was apparent when I tasted it a few hours later. It was a robust, slightly tannic wine that I liked with a bit of Manchego Viejo cheese. I’ll definitely buy this again but I’ll let it breathe for a few hours before the first sip. It’s from Trader Joe’s, so there’s the usual caveat that your bottle may differ significantly.