Shanghai Modern


Looking across the river to Pudong (c) Todd Mecklem

I’m still processing a recent trip to Shanghai. It was wonderful, overstimulating, fun, irritating, modern and ancient. These photos show the modern side of Shanghai. I was surprised at how hip the city felt in many places – the selection of restaurants and shopping was a capitalist’s dream. I’ll highlight other sides of the city in coming posts.

Gap and Apple

Gap and Apple (c)Todd Mecklem

Bike share (c)Todd Mecklem

Bike share (c) Todd Mecklem

Shanghai street scene (c)Todd Mecklem

Modern Shanghai skyscrapers

LV store

Louis Vuitton store


Night scene with drizzle[/caption

[caption id="attachment_6507" align="alignnone" width="584"]Super Mario brother (c)Todd Mecklem Super Mario brother (c)Todd Mecklem

What city strikes you as the most modern you’ve visited? And the oldest?


2 thoughts on “Shanghai Modern

  1. I think that Tokyo is the most modern city that I’ve visited. How do you think Tokyo and Shanghai compare in terms of how modern they are? Why was Shanghai irritating?

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