Bon anniversaire, René Lalique!

Rene Lalique

René Jules Lalique was born in the village of Ay in France on April 6, 1860; his family moved to Paris when he was two years old. He attended art schools in Paris and London, and began work as a freelancer designing jewelry for Cartier and Boucheron. He became one of the Art Nouveau movement’s most famous designers.

I love the details on his jewelry including small insects and flowers, and his sinuous metal work. His attention to detail is amazing. Below are a few of his stunning pieces.


Comb. Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest

Necklace of gold, enamel, opals, amethysts. 1897-99. Gift of Lillian Nassua. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Lorgnette of

Lorgnette of gold, enamel, diamonds, jade and glass, ca. 1900. Gift of Mrs. J.G. Phelps Stokes. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Winged Sylph

Winged Sylph, 1889. National Museum of Art of Japan

Pendant with Depiction of a Winter Scene, ca. 1900. State Hermitage Museum

Pendant with Winter Scene.

The museum pieces above are wonderful to look at but if you’d like your very own piece of Lalique jewelry, 1stdibs has this beauty for sale.

Very rare Les Danseuses necklace at 1stdibs

Very rare Les Danseuses necklace at 1stdibs

Lalique website
Biographical sketch of Lalique
Wikipedia Entry (has some nice photos of his glass work)


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