Easter Candy!

bunny basket eggs
Ever year it gets harder to find my favorite Easter candy, the hard shelled, pastel colored marshmallow eggs that are pure sugary bliss. Fred’s and Safeway have failed me so far this year.

Some years we had coconut nests in our Easter baskets. The jelly beans in the middle were the best part.

Speaking of jelly beans, the purple ones are my favorite flavor, followed by the pink ones. White and orange jelly beans are pretty good, and the yellow ones are tolerable. I don’t really like the black licorice ones and I can’t stand the green ones.

I remember getting pretty sugar eggs in my basket once or twice. Sadly, I just wanted to eat the colored decoration on them rather than enjoy their delicate beauty.

I’ve always been fond of chocolate anything, so a chocolate bunny was a treat. The proper method was to start by biting the ears. These days I prefer dark chocolate but I didn’t as a child.

What was favorite Easter candy as a kid? Have your tastes changed? And what’s your favorite jelly bean flavor?


I love to hear your comments!

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