Tedeschi Corasco Rosso delle Venezie


My foray into wine tasting has led me try different Italian wines made with the appassimento or rasinate technique. Grapes are dried or partialy dried, and then further processed depending on the wine. The drying creates a sweeter, deeper colored wine with more depth. I really enjoyed a Valpolicella ripasso recently and asked my local wine steward to suggest others. He recommended this Tedeschi wine, which I really like.

Color: Deep, inky purple
Aroma: complicated to describe but I smelled cinnamon, prunes, and cherries, and maybe dirt?
Grapes: 75% Corvina, 5% Rabaso, and 25% Refosco
The grapes are partially dried in the sun for about a month, which adds sugar and color and depth to the wine. This process is to rasinate in Italian – seems like a word that would work in English too.
Taste: Rich, robust wine with a lingering aftertaste with acidity and tannins and sugar. Is this what wine people call “complex?” The wine is aged in oak for 18 months though I didn’t perceive it as oaky as I do some California chardonnays. I really liked it and will buy it again for a nice dinner.


Grapes, left to dry for a passito wine, Marco Fon Vinogradi (SLO). Photo by Zyance via Wiki Commons.


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