Portland Favorite – Halo Shoes

Halo shoes

Men’s shoes on table with women’s boots in background

Halo Shoes is my favorite shoe store in Portland, hands down. My first visit was earlier this year – I was actually on my way to visit one of their competitors across the street. Little did I know what I was missing out on. To walk into Halo is to be seduced by one’s senses. The large, airy shop smells like leather, not like chemicals. And the leather just feels so good to the touch. The space is large and well lit with large windows and has a warehouse feel to it. It’s in the historic Otis Elevator building in the Pearl.

Part of the fun of shopping at this local store is the great customer service, both from the staff and the owner. The vibe is very laid back – no pushy up-selling, no hovering, but they’re ready to help when you need it. They know their product – one of the new saleswomen was trying on ever pair of shoes so she had a feeling for what they felt like to walk in. They work very hard to make sure their customers are pleased with their new shoes. I had a small problem with a pair of shoes I purchased and emailed them that evening when I realized my mistake. The owner responded to me very promptly, and told his clerks what I needed so when I went into the store the transaction was really smooth.

And then there are the shoes. Oh my, the shoes. Beautiful buttery leathers, interesting designs, high quality workmanship, and at least a dozen oxfords/brogues/richelieus for women.(Oxfords aka derbys are my favorite kinds of shoes these days – I’ve written about them in a blogpost here.)

shoes 8

Pantanetti shoes, freshly polished

You’ll find shoes you won’t find in every department store in town. The shop specializes lesser known, often European, designers. The Italian line Pantanetti are gorgeously handmade shoes in really supple leather. These black and green oxfords are incredibly smooth inside the shoe and fit my feet like a glove.

The shop also carries Dries Van Noten, Marc Jacobs, Grensen (brogues!!), MoMa and other designers for women, and I saw Grensen, Wolverine, Pantanetti and Sartori Gold for men. (T – are you listening?)

long sock

Cotton socks decorated with a little be

And the socks – Halo carries the fun and beautifully made Japanese brand Antipast socks for men and women. The socks come in creative prints in lovely knits including cotton and wool. I really had no idea how hip Antipast socks were until I came across this WSJ article while doing my research.

Pantanetti heeled oxfords

Pantanetti heeled oxfords

I like to shop at local businesses and Halo Shoes is the perfect local spot to buy a pair of beautifully made shoes or socks. They also have handbags and jewelry but I’m always too distracted to pay much attention to the non-shoe items.

Halo storefront

Halo storefront sign

Halo Shoes
(503) 331-0366


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