Ripasso Valpolicella


Photo courtesy Ilares on Flick

I’ve been learning more about wine in the past few years and like to try new wines when I get the chance. I recently went out to eat a nice dinner on my own at Tulio in Seattle and the first thing I did was peruse the wine menu. I’d never heard of “ripasso” Valpolicella before but asked for a glass to try it out.

The wine was a deep inky red, with a bouquet of cherries, chocolate, and spices. It tasted rich and deep, with a lot of depth. The aftertaste was lingering, spicy, and mildly tannic. All I could think of was that this restaurant had discovered an amazing new wine.

As it turns out, ripasso isn’t a grape or a wine; rather, it’s a method developed fairly recently in which Valpolicella is poured over the grape must from the Amarone process. Wine-Searcher writes that “Ripasso uses the pressed skins of Amarone grapes in conjunction with traditional winemaking methods to add color, tannins and complexity to the blend. ” It was a wonderful tasting experience, and I actually went back the next evening just to have another glass. I could get very used to having a glass every evening… 

Wine: Ripasso Marchesi Biscardo Valpolicella Superiore
Grapes: 50-60% Corvina , 30-40% Rondinella , 3-5% Molinara



7 thoughts on “Ripasso Valpolicella

  1. So glad to see a post about RIpasso! When you find a good one, they drink almost as a big as a full-blown Amarone. Cheers!

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