New Year’s Goals, 2013

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I’ve realized over the years that making resolutions is much easier than actually sticking to them. This year I want goals that are achievable and measurable. It’s easy to say my goal is to exercise more but that’s not meaningful – how do I measure if I’m exercising more? How do I keep at my goal?

I’ve written down my goals for the year and am parsing out what I need to do to make them successful, and to measure whether they are, in fact, successful. I plan to check in on my progress every Saturday in January to see if I’m sticking to my goals, and if not, to tweak them a bit to make them achievable. My hope is once I stick to a goal for at least thirty days it’ll become routine.

I’ve listed my general goals, and then made them more specific. We’ll see how it goes!

Read more books.
Read for 30 minutes a day on my commute or lunch hour.

Spend more time with friends.
Every month, invite someone over for dinner. Meet a friend for lunch or dinner at least twice a month.

Exercise more often. This isn’t a helpful goal. Instead:
Track my walking every day for two weeks; then increase the number of steps I take.
Take a different kind of group class once a month – Zumba, yoga, ballet.
Exercise for 15 minutes 6 days per week, and track it. (I’ve downloaded an app for that.)

Practice my French.
Twice a week at lunchtime, use workbooks or online programs to practice my grammar. Once a week, speak only in French to my husband.

Spend less money.
Bring coffee from home twice a week. Bring my lunch on Thursdays. Avoid places that are conducive to impulse buys (Sephora, the mall).

What are your goals or resolutions this year? How do you stick to them? Or do you forego them altogether?


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