Dangerous Jewelry

Fur Clip


This is one of the most unusual clips in my collection. It’s really large and heavy and is made of pot metal or maybe brass, and has deep red rhinestones and faux grey pearls. The back has two dangerous looking long pins in back. (Funny that it looks like a dead bug on its back in the picture above.) Those sharp points would work well as a weapon if I ever needed one but the real reason for the heavy, sharp points is to clip it into a thick fur coat of collar. It doesn’t work well on a regular sweater but I’ve been able to wear it with a very thick wool cowl neck. Even then, it’s so heavy I’m afraid if I lean over it’ll fall off and break, so it mostly lives in my jewelry box.

I believe it’s from the 1930s or 1940s. It’s not signed nor is there a patent number but the style seems to fit that time frame, and furs were popular then. How would you wear this clip?


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