Presents from the Past

SpirographBoxblood-on-the-tracksBrownie Scout Doll
As a kid, looking forward to presents under the tree was the best part of Christmas, followed by my mother’s cookies and my grandmother’s cheese crackers. Here are some of my favorites gifts as a kid. What were some of your best presents? Worst?

  • Brownie Scout doll – My parents gave this to me when I was a Brownie Scout backi in first or second grade. I specifically wanted the black doll though I don’t really remember why.
  • Bobbsey Twins books – My grandparents would send me a new volume from the set for Christmas and my birthday.
  • Hershey’s kisses – My grandparents sent us each our own bag of Hershey’s kisses every year, and my mom still does. As a kid it was very decadent to have our own bag of candy, particularly since we weren’t allowed to have candy all that often.
  • Magic set – I’m sure my grandfather picked this out. I had great fun with it.
  • My own tin of Granny’s cheese crackers. So good, and she carefully placed a pecan on each one.
  • Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Carrot Head, Mr. Cucumber Head
  • Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks – I felt so grown up!
  • A new Raleigh bicycle, which I left unlocked at the mall…bad ending, of course.
  • My grandmother gave me matching curtains and a bedspread with a ballerina print on it. She also had a trash can and light switch painted to match.
  • My own Christmas tree – One year I had surgery on my feet over Christmas break, and when I got home, my mom had set up a little tree in my bedroom. I thought that was so amazing!

Worst Gifts 

  • My very own shotgun  – Okay, I was 21 or so but still.
  • Crystal ornament with Bible verse – I wasn’t brought up in the church so this gift from a coworker stunned me.
  • Avon rose perfume cream – it was terribly sweet and long lasting
  • Clothes that matched my little sisters’ outfits.



4 thoughts on “Presents from the Past

  1. I loved getting a new Nancy Drew book under the tree!–of course, one year I recognized the likely package, opened it and read the book and re-wrapped it before Christmas ;-). The most disappointing gift I remember getting was a set of luggage–it was a big ugly faux leather set of 3 nestled suitcases (I remember I could curl up in the biggest one and hide, so I must have been pre-teen?). In retrospect, I get it–it was one of my mom’s misplaced sense of what “every young woman should own” gifts (despite the fact that we never traveled and I was 18 years old before my first flight on a plane). But at the time I was horrified (can’t remember what I was expecting instead).

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