Little Vintage Touches

Accessories at Paquin. Paris, May, 1939. © Lipnitzki / Roger-Viollet. LIP-61452 Image courtesy Paris En Images

Accessories are a fun way to add an individual touch to an outfit. I’ve collected vintage costume jewelry for many years, and in the last decade have become interested in vintage handbags. I’ve been intrigued by the long elegant gloves worn in old black and white movies, and that are shown in Vogue this season.

On a recent trip to Eden: Garden of Opulent Curiosities,I found a velvet black handbag with lucite or perhaps Bakelite frame and handles. It was made by the Bobbie Jerome company, which was incorporated in 1947 so my guess is it’s from the 1950s. I’ve used this handbag during the day because the butterscotch handles make it more casual that a fancy velvet purse. (I’m not sure what Emily Post would think…!)

I saw this pair of pretty black cotton gloves in the jewelry case; I tried them on, and was completely smitten. They have rhinestone star-bursts scattered across the back of the gloves and fit really well. The original sales tag from Hultzer’s Baltimore was still on them. I think these are from the 1960s. So fun to find an unusual treasure like this!

What are your favorite kinds of accessories? What era do you like best?


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