Fall Fashion 2012 – Not My Favorites

I haven’t been very excited about the September fashion magazines nor the fall fashion shows this year. The fantasy of wearing a beautiful couture dress just doesn’t resonate with me right now. Part of it is that I think many of the designers are just recycling old ideas, and part of it is that the whole fashion show by season is becoming a means to make big bucks rather than focusing on artistry, fine tailoring, and style.

There are some fall fashions that just irritated me this go-round. First, there were some bad interpretations of peplums. To wit, Christian Dior. I don’t find the shape of this top flattering, and the two fabrics seem haphazardly put together.


Giorgio Armani’s shapeless scrubs were odd compared to his usually flattering clothes.

Julien Fournié’s fuschia jacket harkens back to the eighties, my least favorite fashion decade.

Apparently harem pants just won’t die. These Chloe pants are a beautiful color but the nipped in ankles seem silly.

Catherine over at Inside-Out has written a post about her dislikes this season – shin guards, mohair jumpsuits, and shapeless outfits.

What are your least favorite fashions, either now or in the past? Any elephant bell bottoms in your history?


I love to hear your comments!

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