Eating In – Paris

When planning our trip to Paris, my husband and I realized our favorite hotel, the family-owned Hotel de Blois, had been sold; Tripadvisor comments about the changes made us realize we didn’t want to stay in the new incarnation. I’d always thought staying in an apartment would be fun, and through the Alliance Française we found a small apartment in the 6th arrondisement, very close to Rue de Rennes and the Luxembourg Gardens.

Raspail organic market © Todd Mecklem

One of the best parts of our stay was having a kitchen to cook in. I love to eat out, but I also love to cook, and I had a wonderful time whipping up meals with lovely ingredients from the local food markets. The Raspail organic market was very close, and there were smaller ones other days of the week. It was a really enjoyable part of our trip. I definitely want to stay in places with a kitchen more often.

Tasty vegetables, eggs, and a baguette from the local market © Todd Mecklem

Wine from Nicolas; ripe tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella from Raspail market. © Todd Mecklem

Radishes with butter and salt; pasta with olives and tomatoes. © Todd Mecklem

The stove top and French press – nothing else really needed to make breakfast. © Todd Mecklem


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