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I don’t wear much perfume because we’re not allowed to wear fragrance at work, and my social life is such that I don’t go out on the town much but I do want to find a “signature” scent. I like getting a whiff of a fragrance that reminds me of someone special – my grandmother wore Shalimar as long as I knew her, and my mother has gone through stages – Chanel No. 5, Opium, and now she, too, wears Shalimar. Years ago, a French friend of mine wore Miss Dior, which smelled wonderful on her but the bottle I bought a few years back just doesn’t smell that great on me. They apparently changed the formula fairly recently. Sigh.

After a trying experience at Sephora looking for a fragrance, and venturing into the hell known as department store cosmetics counters, I knew it was time to go to THE…

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  1. My book group went to the Perfume House on a field trip after we read Perfume and Emperor of Scent. The owner gave us a tour and lecture on all things perfume. It’s an amazing place! He demonstrated the proper way to apply perfume and I remember thinking if a person put that much on, you’d be able to smell them for miles.

    • What a fun field trip! I didn’t meet the owner on my visit but maybe next time.

      I hate too much perfume – you shouldn’t really be able to smell it unless you’re close to the person. We have an attorney who douses himself even though it’s supposed to be a fragrance free office.

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