Le Marché Bio Raspail (Raspail organic market)

© 2012 Todd Mecklem

I love food markets and make a point to visit local ones whenever I’m on vacation. The woman who owns the apartment we rented in Paris suggested we stop by the Raspail Market. What a treat this market was! The vendors put so much care into artfully arranging the produce – it’s beautiful to see. And of course the produce is top notch and the prepared foods are lovely and delicious.

It’s a high end food market and supposedly a good place to spot celebrities but I was way too busy admiring the food to notice anyone famous. There were many chic Parisians, bien sûr. My dear husband is once again providing most of the photographs for this post.

© 2012 Todd Mecklem

Beautiful cheeses. We bought a buffalo mozzarella to go with some very ripe tomatoes.

© 2012 Todd Mecklem

Choosing tomatoes for my salad.

© 2012 Todd Mecklem

Such artistic arrangement!

© 2012 Sue Mecklem

Tarts – it was difficult deciding which one to try. I choose the one with a bit o of goat cheese on top.

© 2012 Sue Mecklem

Beautiful display of radishes! We bought some and ate them dipped in butter with a sprinkle of salt.

Merci, Cécile, for your suggestion!


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