Flea market fun in Paris

One of the highlights of my trip to Paris was a visit to the Vanves flea market (le Marché aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves) in the 14th arrondisement. The variety of neat old stuff, interesting Parisians, and bad 70s art made for a very entertaining and enjoyable morning.

My husband is the photographer in the family, and he’s agreed to let me use his photographs from our flea market outing on my blog. Merci beacoup!

Photographer © 2012 Sue Mecklem

Illuminated Baby © 2012 Todd Mecklem

Buttons © 2012 Todd Mecklem

Hoofed Cutlery © 2012 Todd Mecklem

Puss Moth © 2012 Todd Mecklem

Bright colors © 2012 Todd Mecklem

Locals at Vanves © 2012 Todd Mecklem

Tiger and Beauty © 2012 Todd Mecklem

What, you may be wondering, did I find? I bought a beautiful old brooch and a colorful silk scarf. I was inspired to buy the scarf after seeing a chic Parisian woman with a bright Hermes scarf around her neck.


3 thoughts on “Flea market fun in Paris

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