Dreaming of Paris

I’ve been dreaming about our upcoming vacation later this summer in Paris, plotting what to pack, what exhibits are on (Eugene Atget!!), which sites to see (Chartres or Versailles?), and what to eat. Part of the fun of the trip is the planning. There are so many possibilities, but of course we can’t see them all.

My husband and I both love wandering through the different Parisian neighborhoods, or arrondisements. We eventually plan to walk through all 16 arrondisements; on our last trip, we walked from the 14th arrondisement to the Simone de Beauvoir bridge, shown below.
Simone de Beauvoir bridge in Paris

We’ll certainly come across beautiful fountains.
St. Michel fountain on Left Bank

Fountain in Place de la Concorde

When we’re not walking, we’ll take the subway.
Paris Metro station

And of course, we’ll need to stop for nourishment.
Lunch at a Paris brasserie
We’ll stop by a cemetery or two.
Offerings on Baudelaire's grave, Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris
Tomb in Montparnasse

I’ve read that this has been a very cool/damp summer in Paris; I’d prefer sunshine but as long as we’re in Paris, the weather really won’t matter. And if I don’t pack warm enough clothes, there are plenty of department stores to explore.


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