Dining Adventure – Coppia

417 N.W. 10th Ave
Portland, OR. 97209
(503) 295-9536

Coppia is the latest iteration of Vino Paradiso; its focus is now food and wine from the Piedmont region of Italy. The concept is to pair the food with wine, hence the name “coppia” which means “coupling.”

The space had warm wood and red lighting and walls, lending a cozy atmosphere. The music was barely noticeable, which I really appreciate.

Ms. A and I enjoyed looking at the menu – so many of the dishes looked wonderful. She seriously considered the mushroom soup with marsala and cream, and I thought the wild boar tajarìn ragù looked wonderful. We ultimately choose the 3 course menu that was offered for Portland Dining Month, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was a fairly warm day so we thought a rosé would be nice but wasn’t sure which food to pair it with. Our server was very helpful and patient when describing the wine flights and what foods might go well with each. Our first course was insalata di radicchio, which had garlic, anchovies, and a touch of creme fraiche. It was paired with a French rosé that was a beautiful amber color and had a refreshing, crisp taste. The garlicky salad’s strong flavors matched nicely well with the dry wine.

Our entree was tajarìn (thin noodles) with lovely spring vegetables, including fresh peas and asparagus. The wine pairing was a Woodinville Cellars sauvignon blanc, which had a lovely aroma and a slight hint of sparkle on the tongue. It was a great combination.

chocolate panna cotta and Chinato d'Erbetti

The dessert course was stunning. A dark chocolate panna cotta was served with a few amarena cherries, and was paired with a glass of Chinato d’Erbetti from Cana’s Feast Winery in Carlton. Wow. This may be the best after dinner drink I’ve ever had; the chinato had a spicy aroma that reminded me of cinnamon and cherries. The combination of the chinato and chocolate panna cotta was sublime. We were both smitten with the liqueur and plan to make a trip to the liquor store to buy our own bottles.

The food was very good to sublime, the wine was nice, the service was great, and I’d definitely go back.


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