little t american baker

little t american bakeshop
One of my favorite things about Paris is the food, in particular the bread. The experience of going to the local boulangerie to pick up a warm baguette is one of my favorite things to do. There isn’t a little bakery every few blocks here in Portland, but I have found one that has the perfect baguette – little t american bakeshop. The crust is thin and crunchy, and the inside is substantial but not heavy nor under-cooked. Their baguettes are by far the best I’ve had in Portland, and a warm one is ethereal. I never make it home without taking a little nibble on the quignon (heel or tip) of the baguette. I’ve heard the tradition in France is the one who buys the bread gets the quignon – makes perfect sense to me.


My French teacher at the Alliance Française introduced me to little t; she says they have the best, most authentic croissants in Portland. I haven’t tried eaten enough croissants to know if that’s true, but the ones at little t are unbelievably tasty. The croissant is cooked all the way through with layers of buttery sheets of pastry. So good just on it’s own, but butter and honey are nice, too.

little t has a great selection of breads, cookies, and pastries. They make a great cappuccino, and have a limited but tasty cafe menu. Be forewarned – if you want a warm baguette or croissants, get there early on the weekend or you’ll miss out. I wanted a croissant today but dragging in at 11 meant they were lonnnggg gone. Instead I bought a slab of olive focaccia. Very tasty, with a small scattering of salt crystals, olive oil, and green olives.

little t american bakeshop
2600 SE Division St


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