Dining Adventure – East India Co. Grill and Bar

Table decorations

Ms. A really likes the metal napkin rings with colorful stones and enamel.

The most recent dining adventure with Ms. A was at East India Co. Grill and Bar. We sat down at the table and enjoyed the decor  – sparkly napkin rings in different colors and a wonderful ceiling light fixture that looks a bit like a stained glass window but isn’t.

Glass ceiling

Interesting light fixture in the middle of the ceiling.

The menu has a wide variety of options with good descriptions of the dishes.(I hate menus that keep you guessing- I like to know what’s in my food.) For our appetizers we choose the kati kebab (chicken, bell peppers, and onions with a mango sauce) and samosa chaat (potato turnover). The kebab was very good but nothing extraordinary. The samosas were tasty. We drank a glass of white wine because we’d completely missed the cocktail menu; fortunately, we found it in time for dessert.

I had the saag paneer (spinach with yogurt cheese) as my entree, and Ms. A had beingan bartha (grilled eggplant). We also ordered a side of rice and naan. Our entrees were served with little bowl of cooked carrots and peas. The naan was fresh, soft, and warm. I really enjoyed my saag paneer; I’d ordered it mild and it was perfect – just the slightest bite with wonderful flavor. The ratio of cheese to spinach was great; it’s annoying at other places when this dish has a tiny piece of cheese or two swimming in the spinach.

Ms. A enjoyed her eggplant dish, too. We both could have gobbled up every bite but thought better of it, which left room for dessert. At some point during dinner, we found the list of cocktails, and  since we hadn’t ordered them before dinner, decided they’d make a perfect dessert. Ms. A had the masala mojito, which had the usual mint and lime with a touch of Jal Jeera Masala. I had the Sharaabi Lassi, which is a mango lassi with saffron vodka. Oh, my. It was sweet and refreshing and could have been very dangerous to order before dinner – they go down way too smoothly!

Saag paneer

Saag paneer

Eggplant dish

Beingan bartha

I thought the service was adequate but not stellar. One of the servers took away our menus before we had a chance to finish ordering, and another brought our check before we ordered dessert (cocktails.) Overall this was a pleasant dinner with an interesting menu and a nice atmosphere.

821 SW 11th Avenue
Portland, OR 97205


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