Cafés de Paris

My new favorite site for historic photographs is Paris En Images, an astounding treasure trove of material from the city of Paris’ archives. I am smitten with Paris and am plotting ways to live there for a couple of years once my sweetie and I retire. In the meantime, I live vicariously by reading about Americans who’ve lived there. A friend of mine loaned me David McCullough’s The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris, which I haven’t started yet but which looks more intriguing than the other books on my shelf at the moment.

The photos below struck my fancy; I think they represent a good cross section of cafe life in early 20th century Paris. And now, off to start my book. Au revoir!

© Gaston Paris / Roger-Viollet. Woman in a café. 1937-1938.

© Jacques Boyer / Roger-Violle. Buveur d’absinthe/Absinthe drinker. Paris, 1911.

© Maurice Branger / Roger-Viollet. Terrasse de café. Paris, vers 1925.

© Albert Harlingue / Roger-Viollet. Café. Paris, vers 1930.


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