Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Cava

Photo courtesy Vinos García Carrión

My sweetie and I have been sipping lots of bubbly lately, and have become very fond of the Spanish Jaume Serra Cristalino cava. I enjoy a glass before dinner, or to celebrate a sunny day, or just because it’s above 45 degrees.

The wine is pale gold, and has a slightly floral aroma with a hint of lemon. It has lots of tiny bubbles while on the tongue and a minerally taste with a short but pleasant finish. I’ve been trying to understand the concept of “balanced” in wine parlance – I think this is it.  It has the right amount of bubbles, aroma, acid, and aftertaste. The word that describes this cava is crisp. It goes well on its own, with orange juice for mimosas, or with nearly any dinner. Really, is there anything that doesn’t go with sparkling wine?

The great thing about this wine is that it’s non-vintage, it’s Spanish, and it’s not well known, so it’s very inexpensive. I’ve found it at our local wine shop and New Seasons for $7 or so.

The grapes that make up this cava are Parellada, Macabeo, and Xarel-lo. They’re grown on a  slope in Cataluña that descends toward the Mediterranean, near Barcelona.

Salud! Or menja bé, caga fort i no tinguis por a la mort! which translates to something like “Eat well, shit strongly and don’t be afraid of death!” The Catalans are fond of defecation humor. A polite “salut” will also do.


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