Scarlet Shoes

I love shoes. I really love red shoes. The first pair of shoes I bought with my own money were red patent leather oxfords. Alas, I did not win the recent Mega Millions lottery, so I won’t actually buy any of the ones pictured below but I like them AND they all look like I could actually walk in them. My dream is to have a pair of perfectly fitted bespoke shoes made but I’d have to either win the lottery or not travel for a year. Priorities, indeed.

These Carmina “Oscaria” leather oxfords are beautiful. Made in Mallorca, these are first on my list. I love the color of the leather.

Repetto ballet flats would be fun for summer. They have very little support so I doubt they’d be good to actually walk in.

Belgian Loafers with contrasting black piping. I used to think these were old lady’s shoes…

Arfango Firenze velvet tassel loafers would be perfect to wear around the house while sipping cognac and reading a book


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