The Lawyer and An Important Case

My dear friend Colleen gave me a remarkable gift recently, her father’s crocodile attaché case*. She inherited it when he died in the 1980s, and has kept it safely stored away all these years. Imagine my delight when she gave it to me to get it back in circulation. I’ve posted before about my love of alligator and vintage exotic skins, but this is very special because of its history.

It’s a beautiful, warm dark tan color with brass hardware, and is lined with leather. The skin on the outside of the case has irregular scales, and each scale has a little round pore where a sensory hair used to be. Only crocodiles have these integumentary sensory organ (ISO) pores. The inside has a nice crocodile-skin compartment for papers or a notepad. It even has a little crocodile-skin case for the key.

Colleen’s father was a lawyer in Columbus, Ohio from 1952 through the early 1980s. I imagine he carried this attaché case to the Ohio Supreme Court when presenting some of his cases. I wonder if this was a purchase to celebrate one of his victories, or because he enjoyed the finer things in life? It’s a beautifully crafted case that has withstood time really well.


Inside view with beautiful detail
Inside the briefcase

C.W.M. – I really like the gold initials.

*An attaché case is different from a briefcase in that briefcases usually open from the top, and don’t have the sturdy frame an attaché case does. I never knew the difference and don’t think much of a distinction is made today.



2 thoughts on “The Lawyer and An Important Case

  1. Love it, Sue–and so glad dad’s case is seeing the light of day again. Seemed such a shame for it to be stored away in a closet. I wish I did know when and where he got it–odds are good it’s from the UK or Europe. He bought most of his treasures on trips. Thanks for immortalizing it!

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