Chanel Blues

Continuing my spring 2012 theme of no prints and no brights, I really like the blues the Chanel house used for their collection. The shades ranged from a pale ethereal blue to inky bluish-black. This season’s collection pays homage to Coco Chanel’s signature camellias, bows, and schoolgirl collars.

When I worked at the Austin Neiman-Marcus clearance center years ago, they occasionally received Chanel couture suits or gowns that hadn’t sold in the regular store. The workmanship and attention to detail was like nothing I’d ever seen. The linings were as beautiful as the outside of the garments. The jackets had a little chain along the hem to weigh down the  fabric so they hung properly. One time I tried on a sequined black evening dress that even at 75% off was beyond my budget but it was stunningly beautiful. I would love to find a vintage Chanel suit at a flea market in Paris but the days of finding that kind of treasure are long gone.

I actually like some pastels, just not on me.  

The flowers on this coat are wonderful.

I love the collar on this dresss, and the camellia is a nice touch.

Perfectly elegant evening dress with camellia on the shoulders.

Sparkly! With comfortable shoes – perfect! (Except for the hair…)

The first photo is from the Chanel website; the other images are from the French magazine, Au Feminin.



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