Spring Pastiche

My perusal of the spring 2012 fashion rags was not nearly as interesting as my scouring EVERY PAGE from the September issues. Part of the problem is that I prefer autumn’s colors and richly textured fabrics to spring’s pastels (ugh) and lightweight clothes. I live in the Pacific Northwest, so spring means chilly rain, and those lovely lightweight clothes just don’t cut it for 10 months out of the year. I also have issues with pastels and bright colors, thanks to growing up in south Florida, home of orange slacks for men. I was forced coerced into wearing pastel clothes as a girl, and have never really gotten over that. My dress for the National Junior Honor Society induction was a pale mint green scratchy chiffon hand-me-down with ruffles – it was as ugly as it sounds.

I have learned to like summer whites, which I wrote about recently. For a look at pretty spring trends that include pastels, my friend Catherine just wrote a post about Chanel and Carolina Herrera’s spring lines. I love the Chanel suits she is lusting after but disagree about the Jetson shoes – I think they’re pretty slick.

The clothes I liked this season weren’t all from one designer, or all one style or color, so this is a pastiche of what I found interesting and within the realm of wearable, though not necessarily affordable. And “wearable” doesn’t mean a particular outfit wouldn’t benefit from the proper foundation.


Simple elegance – Les Copains cream silk skirt and black sweater.


This little black dress from Les Copains is wonderful, with great tailoring and interesting but subdued trim on the hem.


I like the muted colors and shape of this sophisticated Maxime Simoens dress.


Yiqing Yin’s creativity with jersey fabric and gathers* creates the beautiful drape of this dress. *Textile experts – is there a more technical word for “gathers?”


This Alberta Ferretti suit struck my fancy! I’d wear it with a longer slip but that’s just me.


Yes, more black. Antonia Barardi designed this suit – I like the shape of the jacket. The skirt needs to be about 6 inches longer…



For summer fun, this nautical outfit by Dundop is great. The suspenders need to go but I really like the shoes.

Back to real life now. My spring wants are minimal so far – a purple cardigan, red ballerines, and a striped sailor shirt. Oh, and that Les Copains dress.


2 thoughts on “Spring Pastiche

  1. LOVE the Maxine Simoens dress. And I could be wrong but I think the tailoring term for gathers is ruching. Unfortunately I gave away my Glossary of Fashion Terms (yes, I had one) years ago.

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