Whites of Spring

I like the fresh, summery look of white clothes for spring and summer; it portends warmth and sunshine. Looking through the Spring and Summer 2012 collections, I found some beautiful white outfits to moon over. In real life, I rarely wear white because I’m a menace with colored pens at work, and it’s muddy and rainy most of our spring anyway, which doesn’t lend itself to a crisp look. And it makes me look paler… in a blueish, sickly way. But I admire people who pull it off, and might try again with a red or black scarf near my face. Mademoiselle Chanel pulls it off so well – I love the jaunty hat!

Roland Schoor / Time & Life Pictures / Getty

Ralph Lauren

This is my favorite outfit – the trousers are very flattering. I can imagine wearing this on a Grand Tour of Europe. But not my real life taking the Metro and sitting on grungy park benches.


I think this is an interesting combination of sheer white, cream, and not-so-sheer white.


Elegant and pretty.


Great tailoring and design; I like the black accent along the front.


Interesting, though not my style.

More Ralph Lauren

Wouldn’t this be great for a cocktail party on my villa in Lake Como?

One thing I’ve never understood is the adage not to wear white until Memorial Day or after Labor Day. Really, if it’s warm enough out, why not? For some history, see Laura Fitzpatrick’s article in Time about that (silly) tradition.

Images from Style.com and Elle.fr


2 thoughts on “Whites of Spring

  1. So very pretty! But like you, wearing white isn’t a good idea for me. I’m too fair-skinned and the starkness of white (and black) makes me look faintly ill. But these outfits are certainly lovely!

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