Art Shoes – Spring 2012

I’ve decided to completely ignore the concept of wearable shoes for this post, and focus on shoes that I could display as lovely works of art. If I had a large enough wall, I’d have a little shelf made for each pair. For a look at real life shoes from the Spring 2012 collections, see my friend Catherine’s post.

I like the shape and heel on these handmade shoes. Riccardo Broglia Rizieri is an Italian designer who makes bespoke shoes from used and other “green” materials. They have fuschia leather soles – who says Mr. Blahnik is the only one with colorful soles?

London designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal created this interesting shoe. I really like the gold, airy heel on this.

I love the retro look of these Prada heels. The fins and little red light are so charming, and I like the green leather.

To me, the elegant curve of the heels on these Roger Vivier shoes feel more like a sculpture than something to walk around on.

Balenciaga surprised me with these futuristic looking heels. I like the pebbled inserts, and the design in general.

Next up, whites! It’s not summer yet but a woman can dream.


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