Romance in the Air

Romance, n. and adj.
5. a. The character or quality that makes something appeal strongly to the imagination, and sets it apart from the mundane; an air, feeling, or sense of wonder, mystery, and remoteness from everyday life; redolence or suggestion of, or association with, adventure, heroism, chivalry, etc.; mystique, glamour.
(Oxford English Dictionary)

I love this definition of romance. My favorite Valentine’s Days were those as a child, when everyone got a stack of Valentines in school, and later, those spent with my sweetie. But why limit ourselves to only one kind of romance? There’s so much more.

Lucky me, I have so many wonderful people in my life, ranging from family and friends I’ve known many years, to my wonderful friend (CG), dining buddy (AL), and dear cousins (JS and EB) who have come into my life more recently, to my many librarian and blogger friends.

Here’s wishing the many wonderful people in my life a smile and romance (of any sort) in their lives today.


I love to hear your comments!

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