Books, Wonderful Books

It’s been a long time since I devoted a whole post to books. What kind of librarian am I? Oh, a law librarian whose workaday book reading isn’t too exciting – statutes, regulations, and caselaw. But I do love books, particularly non-fiction. My cookbook collection gets most of my attention but I also like to buy books on travel, language, photography, and fashion. For novels, I use my local library.

Today my sweetie and I went to a book sale in our neighborhood. I was very restrained and only came home with one book, Méthode Boscher ou La journée des tout petits. It’s a French elementary school book that takes a child through the steps of learning letters and their sounds, and then syllables, and finally words. The illustrations are wonderful, with animals, fruits, and everyday objects scattered across the page. I’m sure this little treasure will help me in my neverending quest to actually learn French.

Continuing my fascination with all things French, I used a birthday gift to buy Jean Leymarie’s Chanel, the 2011 edition. It’s a biography of Mademoiselle Chanel, but so much more. The author explores the historical context of the fashion industry in Chanel’s time, and includes photographs and illustrations of not only her work, but relevant art and design. I’m enjoying reading about fashion history as much as the biography of this iconic designer.

My last new book is Penelope Rowland’s A Dash of Daring: Carmel Snow and Her Life In Fashion, Art, and Letters, also a birthday gift. Carmel Snow was the editor of Harper’s Bazaar from 1934 through 1958 and was influential in the careers of Lauren Bacall and Diana Vreeland, among many others. I know very little about Ms. Snow, so I’m looking forward to reading more.

And coming up this week – fashions for Spring 2012. Art shoes, white clothes, and fancy dresses.


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