Atlanta Cemetery Sojourn

I recently attended a librarian’s conference in Atlanta, and had a couple of days on the weekend to visit cemeteries. I enjoy visiting cemeteries because they’re interesting, but these two also had personal connections.

Our first stop was Crest Lawn Memorial Park (formerly Crestview Cemetery). It’s fairly ordinary but this is where my great grandparents are buried. After a bit of time searching in the appropriate section in the cemetery, we found their gravestone. It listed only their surname but had no dates or names on it. I guess no one had the money or inclination to engrave it after they died. A few feet away is the grave marker of their son, my great uncle, Frank. It was interesting to visit the graves of family I’d never known. My grandfather was extremely secretive about his family, so we don’t know much about them.

©2012 Todd Mecklem

©2012 Todd Mecklem

The second cemetery, Oakland, was far more interesting from both a historic and an aesthetic point of view. It was designed to be a garden cemetery, and has interesting pathways and lots of green space. Famous people buried here include Margaret Mitchell, Bobby Jones, and Maynard Jackson. Many Confederate soldiers were laid to rest here – the row after row of same sized gravestones is eerie and sad.

My family connection is that my great-great-great aunt and uncle McAllister are buried here. The other photos are of things I found interesting. I wish we’d had more time to wander.

©2012 Sue Mecklem

©2012 Sue Mecklem

©2012 Sue Mecklem

©2012 Sue Mecklem

©2012 Sue Mecklem


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