Christmas Around the World

We usually travel in late November to maximize our vacation days. It’s often cold, but flights are less expensive than in the summer. A great thing about traveling then is that we get to see Christmas lights and markets in different countries, even those that aren’t really Christian countries. My favorite Christmas tradition is the German markets with mulled wine (gluhwein) that you can buy in a cup and take with you as you walk around the market, the mall, or the street. Here are some glimpses of how some cities are decorated for the holidays.

Christmas lights in Seoul, Korea. It was REALLY cold.
Christmas lights in Seoul

Also in Seoul. Todd took this photo – we didn’t actually try one.
Casisis Love Doughnut, Caffè Pascucci, Seoul

Santa’s helper in a market in Istanbul. Todd took this photo.
Santa's Helper, Istanbul, Turkey, Nov. 2008

Bon Nadal! Literally, Catalana for “happy birth” but it translates to “merry Christmas.” This is in Barcelona.
Santa Claus

Christmas night market (“Weihnachtsmärkte”) in Berlin.
Weihnachtsmärkte, Berlin 2008

The best part!
Drinking gluhwein in Berlin

Christmas lights in Hong Kong.
Christmas lights in Hong Kong.


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