Movie Star Crushs

I saw Antonio Banderas on the cover of AARP recently, which made me think of the movie star/rock star crushes I’ve had over the years. Movie star crushes are funny – they’re harmless, sometimes inexplicable, absolute fantasy, and very entertaining. Here are some of my crushes through the years. Who have your crushes been?

Bobby Sherman

Bobby Sherman

David Cassidy – Yes, those of us of a certain age likely had a mad crush on David in the Partridge Family series.

David Cassidy

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck

Erik Estrada – Don’t laugh. He was cute…

Erik Estrada

James Earl Jones – The voice, oh the voice. So velvety, deep, and masculine.


George Clooney – I still have a crush on him. I think he’s even better looking today.


Johhny Depp – Cute, and he makes me laugh.

Current Decade

Jim Morrison – I saw a documentary about him recently. He had that magnetism, body movement, and voice.

Marcello Mastroianni – I’ve watched almost all of Fellini’s movies in the past few years and love Marcello’s accent. And in this photo, he comes with a plate of spaghetti and a bottle of chianti. What’s not to like? (And since this is my fantasy, that’s not a real cigarette.)

Sophia Loren – Not exactly a crush… Again, the Italian accent. Her eyes are beautiful, and she’s so womanly. I could watch her on the screen for hours.

So, who were your crushes through the years?


3 thoughts on “Movie Star Crushs

  1. I love hearing about your crushes. Most of my friend’s match your early ones exactly. I never thought much about actors. I just loved anyone who sang to me in Spanish, no matter what else they were famous for. I couldn’t believe it when my husband picked up my Oscar De La Hoya CD and told me he was mainly a boxer.

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