We’ve Come A Very Long Way, Baby

Dorville dress. Photo 1967 by Brien Kirley.

Snippet from an etiquette book published in 1967:

“A woman is well-groomed when she looks fresh, neat, clean, and well-pressed. This means a daily, and often twice daily, shower or bath, fresh underwear or stockings daily or twice daily, competent home or professional hairdressing at least once a week, well-manicured hands, no chipped nail polish, runless, wrinkleless stockings, and shined shoes at all times, even for housework.

(emphasis mine) From Amy Vanderbilt’s New Complete Book of Etiquette: The Guide to Gracious Living, published in 1967.


7 thoughts on “We’ve Come A Very Long Way, Baby

  1. Fresh underwear AND stockings twice daily?! Dressing up to do housework? I would have been burned at the stake- and what about the hippie love, burning your bra and all that? It was the 60s right?

  2. I am certainly glad that this is not the norm anymore… it makes me want to run around in torn stockings, scuffed shoes, messy hair, wrinkley clothes and be a bit smelly… just because I can.

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