Fall Wardrobe, Final Touches

I’ve put together what I think is a wonderful fall and winter wardrobe for the coming months. I have added a cute pair of leopard pumps, and deep red tights to my fall wardrobe.

Leopard print pumps from Aerosole

I don’t admit this to many people, but I have an obsession with tights and over-the-knee socks.  (Note: I did NOT say leg warmers.) I can remember very well the first pair of silky cream-colored pantyhose I bought at our local department store, Fountain’s, with my babysitting money. I spent lots of time trying to pick out just the right shade, probably much to my parent’s irritation because they were waiting for me.

Fast forward through my years living in Florida and Texas, where I wore sheer pantyhose to work and weddings. (Me’che, I’ve never quite forgiven you for having a formal wedding outside in August in Houston. ) Since I’ve lived in a cooler climate, I’ve discovered my love of tights and socks – woolen tights, over the knee socks, textured tights, and colored tights. I look forward to buying a fun new pair every fall. My husband thinks the patterned ones might draw undue attention to my legs but I think they’re a fun accessory. (A discussion on whether it’s irritating or flattering when a complete stranger (male) comments on my legwear to be posted soon.)

I did indeed find a pair of red tights. They’re neither wool nor ribbed but they are a decent color and the price was great. I went to Sock Dreams – oh my- and found the perfect pair. I’ll go back next year because I have no need for any more colored tights at the moment. But if you need socks, tights, or toasty warm thigh highs, this is your kind of place.

Next, I went to Nordstrom to find some wool tights. I’m cold all winter long, and wanted basic wool tights in a color other than black. One of the plastic display legs with perfectly shaped calves and Barbie shaped distorted feet was wearing a lovely neutral blush colored crocheted tight. They were pretty but don’t really match my work clothes so I passed. It’s just as well because I’m terrible with crocheted tights – my last two pairs need to be mended because I foolishly wore boots with them and got the zipper caught on them. And who knows how to darn socks or tights these days? But I’m going to try.

The best part of my foray into legwear was a trip into Jane’s Vanity. It’s a wonderful place to purchase fine European legwear and lingerie, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Maria La Rosa makes the most amazing silk and cashmere socks and thigh highs on antique looms, all by hand. The cashmere blend thigh highs were warm, thin and luxurious. They did not come home with me. Jane’s stocks a variety of Wolford and Falke tights, in addition to the luxurious Maria La Rosa. I had little time to pursue the lingerie offerings but a little Nina Ricci set caught my eye, mais non, it was a bit few hundred dollars above my budget, even though they allow layaway for the perfect little frilly thing.

I also bought a cheap leopard print umbrella at H&M because I simply forgot to bring mine on a rainy day. Really, where was my mind?

Photo by Cindy Voong from http://www.fashionsbeauty.com

And yes, I found my brown skirt, from Talbot’s online store. It was on sale (hurray) with free shipping, and I’m sure I’ll wear it a couple times a week. I’ll probably just alternate this and the black skirt except on Fridays, which is jeans day. I actually kind of like having a uniform – it makes the weekday mornings go smoother than if I’m scrambling trying to decide what to wear.

Brown pencil skirt

I’d love to hear what your fall wardrobe looks like. Do you plan your outfits ahead of time, or wing it? If I had a public librarian job, I’m guessing I’d wear a lot more khaki and fleece with my brown Danskos. Depending on my mood, I might wear them with the brown skirt and red tights – I KNOW some of you reading this will shudder at the thought, but this is the laidback Pacific Northwest. One gets used to looser standards of dress.


3 thoughts on “Fall Wardrobe, Final Touches

  1. What a great way to approach your wardrobe. I always have good intentions of doing this, but end up buying what i like then hoping it will all work out – usually it does. But I do have a few rules about quality of fabric etc & would rather have less that is good than more that is poor quality.

  2. My shopping is going to be over the top this year. If the soles on my current pair of moccasins wears out I’ll buy a new pair. Hopefully with my DSW 20% off coupon.

    So glad you found the red tights and I love the pencil skirt.

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