When the World’s A Mess…

There are so many bad things going on in the world right now, and it saddens, depresses, and angers me. Congress can’t get its act together, the weather is now damp and grey, and the plummeting economy is getting me down. Those of us lucky enough to have jobs know perfectly well how transitory our luck could be, and those who don’t are having a hard time finding one.

One method I’ve used for years to help me get out of a funk is to list 100 things that make me happy, an exercise I first learned in one of Julia Cameron’s books. I think it was The Artist’s Way but maybe it was The Write To Right. The latter book has been a great help to me off and on since I bought my first copy years ago.

100 Things That Make Me Happy;

  1. My sweet husband taking care of me.
  2. A perfect lunch of stinky cheese, homemade gazpacho, and good friends.
  3. An afternoon of reading fashion rags with a good friend.
  4. The box of sunshine my mom sent me.
  5. Phone calls and laughter with my sisters.
  6. A fragrant rose.
  7. My cat’s soft fur and loud purr.
  8. Warm woolen socks.
  9. Ripe Oregon strawberries.
  10. The smell of pine needles.
  11. Awesome coworkers.
  12. My dad’s IMs on Facebook.
  13. Homemade macaroni and cheese.
  14. Fizzy wine of any kind.
  15. A walk in the woods.
  16. My sweetie bringing me coffee in the morning.
  17. Visits with my aunts, focusing on food.
  18. An unexpected letter from a friend.
  19. Chocolate covered bananas.
  20. Freshly baked bread. (Or cookies.)
  21. Perfectly cooked filet mignon.
  22. Ripe tomatoes.
  23. The farmers market.
  24. Pink wine.
  25. Extra sharp cheddar cheese.
  26. Blueberry pie.
  27. Homegrown, fresh off the vine tomatoes.
  28. Any movie with Marcello Mastroianni.
  29. Autumn candy corn.
  30. Breakfast tacos.
  31. Smooches.
  32. My red cashmere wrap.
  33. Portugese kale soup.
  34. Dark, very bittersweet chocolate.
  35. A very dirty martini.
  36. Bright red toenail polish.
  37. Birds twittering outside our window.
  38. Hummingbirds
  39. Triple cream brie (D’Affinois, St. Andre)
  40. Crunchy croissants
  41. Chocolate covered pretzels
  42. Interesting clouds
  43. Colorful leaves in autumn
  44. Collecting rocks
  45. Seeing a blimp go by
  46. The smell of garlic sauteed in olive oil
  47. Crusty French bread
  48. Cookbooks
  49. Salty, sea air
  50. Daffodils
  51. Tulips
  52. Butterflies
  53. An email from my kid
  54. Maps
  55. Globes
  56. The smell of a new book
  57. The smell of an old book
  58. Hot cocoa
  59. Mulled wine
  60. Seeing the stars above
  61. Sand
  62. The Oregon Coast
  63. Juno Beach
  64. A fire crackling
  65. Single malt scotch
  66. Sand dollars
  67. Homebrewed beer
  68. Happy hour with friends
  69. The smell of Chanel No. 5
  70. Silly jokes
  71. Seeing Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helen’s from my window
  72. Fireflies
  73. Foie gras
  74. Queso and chips
  75. Shiny things
  76. A book that I don’t want to put down
  77. Listening to James Earl Jones voice
  78. Old Fellini movies
  79. Any Agnes Varda movie
  80. Snuggling with my sweetie on cold nights
  81. Listening to someone read to me
  82. Walking in cemeteries
  83. Walking in the neighborhood
  84. Paris
  85. A good margarita on a hot day
  86. An unexpected email from a friend
  87. Merino wool stockings and tights
  88. Fig jam
  89. My brown cloche
  90. Men with berets and flat caps
  91. A good massage
  92. A big hug
  93. Looking at old photos
  94. Velvet
  95. Homemade macaroni and cheese
  96. Biscuits and gravy
  97. Bacon
  98. Sunsets
  99. Farmer’s markets
  100. A new lipstick

Yes, that did help. Now to go find one of those 100 things…


3 thoughts on “When the World’s A Mess…

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s The Artists Way. A book that I discovered 16 years ago & I still do the morning pages.
    So important to remind yourself of what makes you happy and what you have to be grateful for. Thank-you for reminding me to remember!

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