Favorite PDX Places – Fyberworks Boutique

I have had two amazing interactions with the owner and staff at Fyberworks in the past few months; their customer service is some of the best I’ve ever encountered.

I’d rarely ventured into Fyberworks much because on my first foray a few years ago, my impression was that they sold pricey comfort clothes for middle aged women; it seemed to be a place my mom would shop at.

Fast forward a few years later when a minor shoulder injury made it necessary to find attractive, loose, comfortable clothes for work (and real life.) My usual tailored skirts and slacks and fitted sweaters no longer worked because I couldn’t zip my pants and skirts, nor could I button up my shirts. I also couldn’t lift my arm enough to put on a tee shirt or sweater. Other than a couple pairs of yoga pants, I haven’t worn elastic waist pants since 1980. I’m just not a sweatpants kind of girl. What to do?

One of my very stylish friends buys some beautiful clothing at Fyberworks, and she always looks pulled together and original. There is nothing matronly about Colleen. She’s a real estate broker in Portland, and she has a bohemian but not too off beat look. She’s also small – this isn’t a plus size shop but they do have plus sizes. I decided I needed to check them out again when it became apparent my regular clothes weren’t working.

I arrived at Fyberworks at 5:25…and they close at 5:30. Whoops – I hadn’t done my research. The owner, Cindy Zielinski, very nicely said it was no problem if I came in and shopped for a little while. I asked one of her employees to help me find something to make my visit more efficient. She graciously spent time finding me a few easy-on, easy-off comfortable pieces. I tried on what she found, which takes much longer when one’s arm and shoulder don’t really work. No problem – I never felt rushed, and in fact, the staff and owner went out of their way to make me feel welcome.

Cut Loose linen ruffled blouse

Kleen linen lantern pants

As it turns out, they do sell comfortable clothing but it’s sophisticated, flattering, and  made from quality fabrics. My choices on my first visit were brown Kleen linen cropped pants, a Vine Street fuchsia (!) hoodie in a light jersey fabric, and a beautiful Cut Loose linen blouse with a ruffle down the placket. I wore these pants for weeks, even to work.

I had such a great experience the first time that I decided to go back and really look around and see what other treasures they might have. They stock an amazing variety of jersey pieces with interesting cuts. I bought a long jersey Apropos brand skirt in purple that flatters and fits really well, and was perfect for work those days my zipping and buttoning skills were off. The selection of t-shirts and camisoles was overwhelming – pretty colors, lovely modal and cotton fabrics, nice (not junior sized) cuts. I bought a berry colored long sleeved Turkish cotton tee that is so soft.

The shop also sells lots of pretty jewelry, some of it made here in Oregon. I really only scratched the surface of the place – there are so many pretty things to look at. The owner is a clothing designer but I didn’t even get to her stuff. And did I mention there’s an excellent sale room in the back? If you’re looking for great service, a fun space, and comfy clothes that are a notch (or 20) above your rattty sweatsuit, this is the place to go!

Tuesday-Saturday 11-5:30
Sunday 12-4:00
4300 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR 97215
(503) 232-7659



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