Wow – a blog award!

In early September, my fellow blogger and good friend Catherine G. from Inside Out awarded me the “Versatile Blogger” award. My first blog award ever and I’m very excited about it! Thank you so much, dear Catherine. I’m terribly late in responding but I think she’ll understand why. We both love blogging and had a blast tagging each other’s fashion posts once the September issue of Vogue came out.

In accepting this award, there are certain responsibilities. One must agree to:

  • First, thank the blogger who awarded you and link back to them (see above!)
  • Next, share 7 interesting facts about yourself.
  • Last, list 15 new blogs you have discovered. [Define”new”as you like. Define “15” as you like.]

Interesting facts about me:

-I have fried and eaten freshly killed alligator. The texture is like overcooked pork-chops and it tastes like fishy chicken.
-I have studied French, Spanish, German and Italian in school or college but never studied hard enough to learn any of them.
-I detest tuna casserole. Disgusting.
My favorite cocktail is a very dirty martini.

Marcello, a bottle of wine and a plate of pasta - what more does one need?!

-I think Marcello Mastroianni was the hottest actor ever. Those eyes, that accent.
-I ran in a track meet in 5th grade.
-I plan to retire to Paris for at least two years, even if it’s just living in a tiny garrett.

And…I’d like to award the following bloggers the Versatile Blogger Award!

Serena at The Spicy Stiletto
Natalie at Domu
The American ex-pat at Girl et Gallette
Vicki at French Essence
Coline at Et Pourquoi pas Coline
LouLou at Chez LouLou
Christine at The Daily Postcard
KiwiDutch at Local Heart, Global Soul


I love to hear your comments!

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