A Box of Sunshine

My mom sent me the most amazing care package recently that was so much fun to open. Everything was either gold or yellow and her note said she was sending sunshine my way. She lives in Florida, which is much warmer and sunnier than my hometown, Portland. And I was feeling blue, so this was such a treat.

I don’t know what I was most excited about – the bag of Brach’s Autumn Mix of candy corn and sugary pumpkins (my very favorite candy), the gold scarf that will added a much needed touch of color during the dreary grey days of fall or the trashy Cosmo magazine with a yellow cover that I would never buy but will always read if it’s handy.* She also sent a bottle of lemon yellow crackle nail polish, a gold rug that Mr. Bad Cat appropriated immediately, two vintage rhinestone earring pieces, and a few other little trinkets. The best part was the warmth and love she put in gathering pretty yellow objects for me. It made my day. Lucky me!

*Librarians like junk reading, too. Not a steady diet of feminist-unfriendly trash, but for mindless entertainment, it has its place. I’m not a reading snob. Your kid will only read Mad Magazine? At least she’s reading.

Presents for Sue from her mom


6 thoughts on “A Box of Sunshine

  1. I think your mom kind of rocks, as is sounds like she knows exactly what you love. My mom only lives two miles away, but she still gets me “prizes” sometimes that include house things like cleaning products, magazines I wouldn’t buy myself or produce. And yes, those are all my favorite things 🙂

    Catherine loves you, and now I see why. Glad I stopped by!

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