So Many Shoes, So Little Time

One of my weaknesses is pretty shoes. I love shoes, particularly red shoes. The first pair of shoes I bought for myself were red, fake patent leather oxfords. I was in 9th grade or so. My mother forced me to wear saddle shoes as a child, and I’ve apparently never gotten over it.

Times have sure changed, because I can now buy whatever style shoe I want. Of course there are budgetary constraints- I’m a librarian, not a stockbroker or socialite, but I thought it’d be fun to highlight shoes that caught my fancy. Some of these are pure fantasy and would work best as an art display, but some of them might possibly fit my narrow feet. A few even look comfortable enough to walk more than three blocks, though the pretty suede ones aren’t practical for the rainy Pacific Northwest.

Interesting tidbits:
Animal prints: I had to look up the difference between leopard and cheetah prints; cheetah spots are solid black while leopard spots are sort of a rose pattern with different colored center and spots around it.

Silk Hosiery: I just discovered Maria la Rosa silk stockings and socks. They are amazing artisan pieces made by hand on old-fashioned looms in Italy. No, I didn’t buy any but the friendly saleswoman at Jane’s Vanity let me touch them. Amazing!

Belle de Jour is a 1967 movie by Spanish director Luis Buñuel; I really liked it. Yves Saint Laurent designed Ms. Deneuve’s wardrobe,and Roger Vivier designer her shoes. The pilgrim buckle shoes became a big hit. Studio Canal describes the movie:
Belle de Jour is an adaptation of the novel by Joseph Kessel. Screen icon Catherine Deneuve plays Séverine, the glacially beautiful, sexually unfulfilled wife of a surgeon, whose blood runs icy with ennui until she takes a day-job in a brothel.


2 thoughts on “So Many Shoes, So Little Time

    • Ha! I can’t afford most of them, either! I love the Louboutins. Sigh. It’s not to be while we have a house and want to travel and don’t want to work at Walmart when we’re 78 years old. But fantasy is fun!

      We’d be so much trouble if we went shopping together with loads of cash to spend…

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