Fall Fashion – Wish List

I’ve had so much fun looking through the September fall fashion magazines and reviewing what I think works well and what I detest. Reading and posting about fashion has been a nice escape from real life sadness and annoyances lately.* This post is pure fantasy – if I were to win the lottery, these are outfits I would actually enjoy wearing, even if it were just to meet Catherine G for a glass of wine (or two) on a Tuesday night. Stop by her post on fantasy shopping outfits for her selections. Neither one of us knew the other liked the same Pucci dress, but in a different color!

Here are outfits that I would actually wear, given the chance.

Antonio Marras suit - beautiful!

Pucci gown - lovely neckline and color, and simple, elegant shape.

Marc Jacobs - I love this lush purple velvet suit. It's the menswear look done beautifully.

Stéphane Roland gown. Pure fantasy! You can see the influence of Balenciaga, for whom Mr. Roland worked.

Oscar de la Renta ladylike but also sexy, plum colored dress.

Oscar De La Renta black gown I love the flare of the hem and the neckline.

Look for a guest post on zombies later in the week, and a food post very soon.

*My best friend’s cat died, a coworker was just diagnosed with breast cancer, my unemployed friends are not finding jobs, and I’ve been trying to unfreeze a frozen shoulder.


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