Fall Fashions: Fendi and Gucci

I really loved the accent colors Italian designers Fendi and Gucci used for Fall 2011. The deep, saturated hues are beautiful and mix well with charcoal, which is the neutral favored by many designers this season. Catherine G’s post on clothing appropriate for ladies who lunch include beautiful charcoal pieces by Carolina Herrera, including an A-line skirt that would perk up my winter wardrobe so nicely. I think most of the Gucci and Fendi clothes would also work if my lady-who-lunches application is ever accepted.


I love tights and one of my favorite fall tasks is to go buy tights for the season. I always buy a couple pairs of black and brown, and one “fun” pair. Last year’s fun pair was a leopard print pair that I wore with my black or brown boots, so only a small section of the tights showed. This year Fendi showed colorful tights with their dresses and skirts. The deep red cable knit tights are great and I hope to find a pair that color.

The Fendi collection included tweeds and furs in charcoal and beige with richly colored accents. The charcoal tweed skirt is something I would actually wear though I’d pair it with red tights instead of yellow. I love the t-strap shoes in the collection, which include both neutrals and bright colors; the designer always paired them with a contrasting pair of tights, which I think adds an interesting and fun element to the outfits. The black dress with the huge royal blue bow was paired with red tights and brown shoes. What a great look!

Gucci’s fall collection uses amazing colors and fabrics. The beautiful palette includes deep teal, rust, deep berry and plum, some yellow, and charcoal used as a neutral. The fur scarves are beautiful and saturated with color. Hats are a nice accent; I love hats! The charcoal suit has an extravagant fur cuff, very similar to those designed by Donna Karan for her collection. The charcoal tweed suit with rust fur scarf would add such a nice element to my wardrobe. A woman’s got to have her fantasies, yes?

Tomorrow, random thoughts about fall fashion this year – dislikes, oddities, and miscellany.

Photographs from Style.com and designer’s websites.


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