Target: Missoni

M Missoni dress © Saks Fifth Avenue

Italian Missoni knits would fill my closet if I were wealthy, or willing to max out my credit cards  (and give up my beloved husband.) I love their woven designs (zig zag, space dye), the feel of their fabrics, and their color combinations. I bought a lovely, gently used Missoni sweater at my favorite upscale Goodwill. It’s  from their lower end M Missoni line, which is still beyond my librarian’s budget. The drape is so flattering – I had no idea how well made it was until I tried it on.

Missoni knit skirt and cardigan

Missoni dress

Imagine my excitement when I read that Missoni, is collaborating with Target to create a limited collection – it’ll be available in stores on September 13. I love that the Missoni family is confident enough with their brand that they’ve collaborated with Target. I’m sure people will be lined up outside Target but not me. Having worked at Neiman-Marcus’ clearance store, Last Call, I want no part of grown women physically fighting over a piece of clothing. Really, some people have no dignity. And some of them get violent. Unless a pair of sized 9 narrow Louboutin flats at 75% off is involved, I’m not waiting in line. And…it’s not very likely the Portland area stores will get the whole collection like NYC or Chicago. I tweeted my question about whether PDX stores will get a comprehensive collection and the answer was: “ will have the complete collection. All stores will have #MissoniForTarget items” which implies all stores will have “some” items. The collection includes clothing, housewares, and luggage, and will be very affordable. You know where to find me on September 13…

Missoni for Target

To read about the history of the still family owned company and photos of old collections, their website has lots of information.

Target’s Press Release and this Tarte Advertising Inc. article have information about the Missoni for Target collection.


2 thoughts on “Target: Missoni

  1. Well, that’s what I get for not reading carefully! I was so excited about your Missoni post that I went to Target today and got all bent out of shape because there was NO MIssoni anywhere!

    I like the clothes but this time I’m only looking for bath stuff!

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