Favorite PDX Places – Xtabay Vintage

Xtabay Vintage Clothing Boutique/ 2515 SE Clinton St./ Portland, Oregon

One of my very favorite stores in Portland is Xtabay Vintage; I love to “play dress up” with the pretty clothes, which I wrote about in this earlier post. The owner, Liz Gross, has a wonderful eye for beautiful vintage clothing and accessories. Her store’s atmosphere is pretty and feminine, and is a calming place to browse after a hard day at work. The vintage goodies she selects are in wonderful condition, and range from the Edwardian era to the oughties, with most from the 1940s to the 1960s. This isn’t a thrift store and doesn’t pretend to be but her prices are very reasonable for the high quality of the merchandise. If you’re on a very tight budget, she has a nice selection of very inexpensive vintage earrings, candles, and nail polish. Here are a few things I’ve purchased from Xtabay in the past few years:

Aurora borealis brooch with watermelon rhinestones

vintage dress clips

Vintage dress clips

Vintage Dress

Rhinestone collar on an atomic print dress

And here are a few things in the store recently; sadly, I can’t buy them all!

Green hat with orange feather. ©2011 Xtabay Vintage

Beautiful purple coat. ©2011 Xtabay Vintage

Bakelite clamper bracelet. ©2011 Xtabay vintage


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