Tweed, Indeed!

I love wintry fabrics like wool, cashmere, and tweed, and live in the perfect climate to wear it for months on end. I’ve always liked tweed, but growing up in South Florida, it wasn’t practical at all. My first winter here, I bought a long tweed A-line skirt that I still love to wear. It’s 10 years old and I imagine it’ll last many more.

Tweed pants I like!

Tweed trousers are hard to find, at least in my budget range. First, they must be lined, all the way to the hem. I don’t understand why anyone would wear tweed wool pants that aren’t lined. Second, I don’t like belt loops, pleats, back flap pockets, or high waters. (Junior high trauma…”You expecting a flood?”)

This may be my lucky year, though. Talbots, which I’ve written about before, has come a long way in the past year. I’d long considered Talbot’s a bit matronly, but I’ve really liked their last few collections. I went into their store last week and saw the perfect pair of trousers. They’re lined, they have a side zipper, and the tweed is a warm brown. The fabric looks better in real life – it has brown, beige, and cream-colored yarns. It’s a herringbone weave, which I really like.

I think my brown faux alligator oxfords (brogues, richelieus?) and my plum wool sweater will make this a good fall outfit, and I’ll wear one of my purple brooches to pull it all together. Not that I’m ready for fall – I’m hoping for a really nice, late Indian summer.


4 thoughts on “Tweed, Indeed!

  1. You’re right about Talbots. They sem to have found their way back from the granny demographic. I just find them a bit pricey!

    Those pants would be fabulous with plum and alligator- take photos!

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