So how DID that challenge to pack lightly go?

Black Dress

You might recall my earlier post about my personal challenge to pack very little on a 10 day trip to Europe in May. My idea was to pack everything in a smallish carry on. Here is what I ultimately packed:

  • black travel dress
  • white silk crinkle skirt
  • 4 dressy tee shirts (fuschia, white & black stripes, black, deep orange)
  • trouser jeans
  • black 3/4 sleeve cardigan
  • scarves -green, red
  • green Puma slips on shoes
  • black Adidas thin sneakers
  • lightweight undergarments to wash in the sink

I wore either the black knit dress or the white pleated skirt with a tee shirt most days, and didn’t even spill red wine all over the skirt. I hand-washed the tee shirts in the sink but the cotton ones took a really long time to dry. Next time I’ll just bring the modal ones. The black dress also took a full day to dry, but I’d still bring it because it’s so versatile. It was summer, so I only wore the jeans on the plane, which wasn’t a good use of my limited space. Maybe linen pants would be better next time – they’d certainly dry faster.

Green skirt, striped tee, black cardigan

I think this packing list would have worked better if we’d had easy access to a laundromat but we didn’t find one quickly in Bologna or Lucca. Having our clothes laundered was very expensive, so we both went shopping to tide us over till we found a place to do our own laundry, which wasn’t till the last day of our trip.

My choice of shoes was poor. I brought two pairs of “comfortable” but not too American-looking shoes, with which worked okay except that neither had very good tread. I slipped and fell in Madrid on one of the beautiful but very slick sidewalks in the rain. I suppose I need to find a cute pair of Mary Janes with better tread. I REFUSE to wear athletic or orthopedic shoes. I want  cute, comfortable shoes, with a bit of tread, made for narrow feet.

Puma slip-ons

I forgot a sunhat, so that’s the first thing I bought in Italy. I also bought a green linen skirt, an orange cotton sweater, and a green tee shirt because we couldn’t do laundry as often as we’d expected. Next trip I’ll look for another lightweight dress in something other than black, a pair of better shoes, and maybe a pair of lightweight linen pants instead of the jeans. Overall, I’m pleased at how little I brought with me on this trip.

Are you a light packer or do you bring everything but the kitchen sink? Is there one thing you bring no matter where you’re going?


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